What is love?

Valentines day is coming up, so here’s a poem about love that I wrote about a year ago 🙂

Love is an awfully big word to say

When things aren’t going your way

Everyone is smiling

But inside your heart is falling

So turn to Jesus, now look around

Is the world spinning upside down?

Is the day brand new?

The sky a new shade of blue?

Grab Jesus’ hand and grab life

It’s time to reach such great heights

Take in the beauty of what really matters

 And let selfishness fall into the shadows

Love is an awfully big word to say

So say it, mean it, show it, apply it

Once, twice, and forevermore

Forget the bad, we’re not perfect

But we’re all children of God

We are beautiful, so beautiful

Love is an awfully big word to say

And it’s more than a word, it’s how we live

Love’s an awfully big word to do.

Don’t Forget to Live


Smile big, smile long, girl that smile’s gonna sing a song

Laugh hard, till you cry, dear that laugh’s gonna reach the sky

Sing out, sing loud, honey that song’s gonna bring a crowd

Dance around, don’t you hide, baby that dance won’t be denied

Kiss now, kiss sweet, girl that kiss makes life complete

Love life, love me, dear that love’s gonna set you free

Dream high, set the bar, honey that dreams gonna get you far

Be real, be tough, baby just be yourself and that’s enough.