Wake Up

Here’s one of my poems! Sorry that the third line only applies to the ladies. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Wake up, you, it’s time for today

Don’t let the world keep wasting away

Jump out of bed, slip on those heels

Smile at life, forget the ideals

Start to live, before it’s too late

Go after love and chase your fate


Wake up, you, it’s time for today

Don’t let your dreams get too far away

Run out that door, it’s never too late

Move on from regret, and forget the hate

Start to love, the time is now

Just jump in and you’ll figure out how


Wake up, you, it’s time for today

Don’t let temptation sweep you away

Step into life, you pave the way

Forget the mistakes, today’s a new day

Start to believe, the world’s at your grasp

Before you know it, you’ll be living at last.


Ephesians 5:14 says, “Wake up sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

In the literal sense, Christ wants to be the one that you wake up to. In the figurative sense, Christ wants to be the one that you wake up to when you are drowning in a sea of sin and suddenly decide to pull yourself to a higher standard. The standard in which you are reaching your God- given potential. Waking up can be voluntary or involuntary. After a Sunday afternoon snooze you might leisurely awaken and on a workday you might be yanked from sleep by the drone of an alarm. God might whisper in your ear that it’s time to make a change, to step out, to wake up. And it’s your choice what you do with that whisper. Or perhaps He might send some situation, opportunity, or relationship that is His way of saying it’s time to come with me, time to start living, time to wake up. But of course, it’s easy to take things the wrong way, and blame things on the inevitability of circumstance and chance. 

Yet perhaps circumstance and chance is simply an excuse we tell ourselves to believe when our eyes are fluttering with the calamity of luke- warm spirituality. What about the inevitability of Jesus speaking to us in unexpected ways? Our Lord cannot be limited. He can wake us up in so many ways.

Look for Him, listen for Him. Don’t blame Him, but seek Him. Seek to understand, but realize that we are not meant to have full understanding. For as Christians we are children of faith. I have faith that God will reveal Himself, do you? So friends, let us experience an awakening in which our pitfalls, fears, and addictions are left behind in a distant dreary dream. Let us not be a people that merely wake up to the light that the sun emits, but to the light that our Lord Jesus Christ expels. 

In John 8:12 Jesus said, “I am the light of the World. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

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