Jesus Christ: does not self- promote

The subtitle of my blog is “Seek God, Find Yourself” and I believe that the more that you pursue Jesus and live like Him, the more you will discover who he has made you to be. Today I want to focus on how Jesus did not promote himself. Mark 1:11 says, “And there came a voice from heaven, saying, Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

You see, Jesus did not have to brag about who He was; God stated the fact. My friends, who does God say you are? Ask Him to reveal to you who it is God has called you to be. I think a lot of us often feel worthless and undiscovered, and therefore become impatient and throw a label upon ourselves. “This is who I am.” But perhaps you are simply covering up your futile attempts at self- discovery. This week I want to challenge you all to listen for who God tells you you are. God has made you specifically, beautifully, and wonderfully. And perfectly. Psalm 139:13 says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb.”

And gosh I know that it is so easy to give ourselves our own title. I am going to be this girl, that guy. But seriously, how much more fulfilling would life be if we stopped giving ourselves credit, and instead allowed God to shape us each step of the way. I ask myself all the time, “OK, who am I?” and “Who do I want to become?” Those are good questions, but better would be that which asks “Lord, who have you designed me to be? Where am I going off in my own direction?”

What if Jesus had gotten caught up in his miraculous feats and his enormous following, and began to rely on Himself as the all- powerful redeemer of the world? Hm, bad thought, right? Jesus could not have gone through life without God and without the Holy Spirit because without them He would not have had direction. Is it too bold to say that self- promotion leads to a digression from dependence on the Lord? To be a spiritual leader and example, we must fully rely on God to pave the way for us and to affirm us.

4 thoughts on “Jesus Christ: does not self- promote

  1. We all have labels we use to describe ourselves. When you introduce yourself to someone how do you do it? Usually we do it by what we do, I’m a teacher, a doctor, etc. or by our relationship with others, I’m Mary’s mom, I’m John’s wife, etc. What if our automatic response was I am a child of God or I am a follower of Jesu?

    • Wow that’s an interesting thought for sure! How amazing what it be if everyone didn’t distinguish themselves by titles, but instead boldly pronounced the one that we follow, our Lord and Savior? If we got it out there in the open in the very beginning that we follow Jesus Christ, we would be held so much more accountable to actually live like him and follow through with our values

  2. Thank you for the new perspective that’s backed up with the Word 🙂 I fight this every hour and have to remember Who has me in His hand.

    • of course! i’m glad it touched you. me too, all the time. I want to have my life, and me figured out, and I get frustrated sometimes when God doesn’t reveal too much, but then I realize that he is revealing that dependence on Him will bring the greatest happiness and fullfillment 🙂

      God bless

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